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      3 Less Known Game Tables that are a Lot of Fun

      If you have a large enough home to have an open basement or large family room,Guest Posting and if you have kids or regularly have guests, then you may be in the market for some game tables. For a family, game tables are a great way to encourage activity and interaction between family members and friends. There is a large variety of available game tables on the market today, so there is virtually something for everybody.

      The more popular, active games include foosball, air hockey and table tennis. A favorite past time for people of any age is pool, partially because it has been around for a long time, but also because a large variety of different games can be played on a pool table. Other types of game tables are more sedate, such as poker tables, or tables with built in game boards, such as chess, checkers and back gammon. Many of these types tables (especially antiques ones) have beautiful inlay tops that can be removed to reveal the game board. These tables also usually have drawers to store the game pieces. Besides all these types of game tables, there are three types of games that are not as common in a family game room, but that you family may really enjoy. Let’s take a look at these three less common games.

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