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      Acoustic Or Electric Guitar Visual Learning Course

      Perhaps they are interested in classical theory versus rock theory. Of course we explain that there is no significant difference and there should be none between either types of guitar or the learning path one takes depending on the style. Short of the fact that there are some tricks, such as distorted amplification on an electric guitar, that is different, but a hammer-on can be done on either acoustic or electric. So it is important for you not to get caught up in the misleading marketing claims to learn one type of guitar versus the other.

      Sometimes the guitar player gets a little so focused on the instrument, that they haven’t really asked themselves if a modal scale pattern is actually played differently on an acoustic guitar fretboard from one on an electric guitar, or that the tonal tensions and tonality being expressed is somehow different musically or theoretical from one instrument versus the other. This applies to blues versus rock, or jazz versus metal. The speed of the guitar lines played, or the level of mus

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