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      Choosing the Best Satellite Radio Receiver For You

      Satellite radio is currently booming. Numerous consumers are discovering the advantages provided by satellite radio including commercial free music programming, a variety of talk, news, sports and entertainment programming and crystal clear reception that can be received from one end of the country to the next.

      As satellite radio has become more popular, technology has advanced and consumers can take advantage of many devices which will make listening to their favorite satellite radio programming that much easier.

      Handheld receivers are great for radio listeners who like to be on the move. This type of receiver allows you to take your satellite radio programming with you everywhere you go. Small handheld units are able to receive a signal practically anywhere and have the additional benefit of offering MP3 capability. The Sirius Stiletto line is one of the most popular types of handheld receivers and provides the ability to store as much as 2GB of your favorite music. If you want the advantage of listening to your favorite satellite radio programming while also enjoying music from your own private collection, this is a wonderful option to consider. In addition, you have the ability to download programming and music straight from the live feed. As a result, if you want to save a particular favorite program, the process is quite easy and simple. If you are near a WiFi network you can also listen to Internet radio as well. For consumers that prefer XM, the XM2go Inno provides a number of advantages as well, including the ability to your music with you literally anywhere you want to go.

      Some consumers prefer the ability to be able to take their satellite receiver from their car to their home. In this case, a plug and play receiver is a good option. The XM Xpress and Sirius Sporster 5 allows consumers to listen to their satellite radio programming in their car and then take it home with them to listen through their home theater system. This way you do not have to interrupt a favorite program simply because you need to leave or have arrived home.

      In some cases, a dedicated satellite radio receiver may be your be

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