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      Gemstone and Jewelry Terms

      lava. Agate is distinguished from chalcedony by the distinct banding that runs through it. Wearers of agate are guaranteed health, wealth and a long life. I’d better get myself a strand!

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      Amethyst IS the most valuable form of quartz. It’s color ranges from light to dark purple. Amethyst promotes inner peace & spiritual insight. Wow! Works awful hard and just think, all you have to do is wear it!

      Aquamarine is excellent for meditation. Gives a sense of peace and serenity.

      Aventurine is in the quartz family. It has tiny flecks of mica throughout it. It’s color ranges from pale to medium green. Aventurine helps to dissolve unhealthy thoughts, feeling and related physical problems. It assists in keeping one balanced and harmonized.

      Black Onyx is not onyx at all. It is chalcedony, which is another variety of quartz, that has been dyed black.

      Hematite is a gemstones that are made up of iro

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