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      Holidays and Shopping

      and Christmas quickly arrives. Yeah, so – maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself but – what gives? Each year it seems that Christmas is talked about much earlier than it should be so I’m hopping on that band wagon and sharing it all with you. As the Fashion Industry pumps out new collections, each one more astonishing than the one before, I start to create my list of lusts, also known as my Wish List.

      I scour the trend reports, dive into my favourite glossy magazines and I think long and hard about what trend or colour would suite me best. Following my research, I make an educated decision on what I really want to invest in for the new season. It’s a very practical, logical, and planned out process – not much different from when a man decides to purchase a shiny brand-new car, right off the market, whilst there may be plenty for him to chose from with the new year, he would rather sit back and take time before his actual decision is processed, and give each car a test drive around the block to find out whether it fits his needs, personality and style.

      With that being said, the key places to do your best research include websites like,, and of course, other blogs that focus on style. So far my research has shown that Red, Burgundy, Dark Green, Orange and Metallic are the key colour palettes that will lead the way into Fall 2012. Now skip forward to phase two, where my infinite research includes finding out what key brands are using these colours and who I would rather wear… lets start with Red; We’ve got, Charlotte Olympia, DVF, Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler and Rag & Bone at the top of my ‘list of brands to watch’… My top picks? Wang and Olympia for sure. That checks off new shoes, the Paloma Satin Platform by Charlotte Olympia, of cou

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