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      How to Handle a Pit Bull Attack (And Knowing Your Legal Rights)

      It might seem obvious after reading some of these tips, but they bear repeating just in case you find yourself in a ‘this c

      1. Know your location. What are your usual stomping grounds? When you take walks, are there any dogs on the route? Are there any pit bulls? If you are in unfamiliar territory, have you taken any precautions about the possibility of attack?

      2. Assess dependents. Even if you do know your location, you need to gauge the probability of having someone along with you. Having an adult with you could be helpful during a pit bull attack, but having a small child or dog could be troublesome.

      3. Know your physical abilities. Are you in great shape, able to actively defend yourself? Whether you are or not will greatly change how you need to prepare for the possibility of attack.

      4. Plan a wide-berth strategy. If you walk by a house regularly that has a pit bull, or even just see one on the street, try to give it a wide berth. Dogs in general are very territorial and a simple act of crossing to the opposite side of the road can downplay their aggressive natu

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