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      Importance of Gold In Making Spacecrafts

      Even in this modern age, it is useful in many fields because of its numerous remarkable properties. This beautifully colored metal is not only beautiful to look at, it is also very easy to melt and cast it into different, complex shapes. It can easily be hammered into thin sheets or alloyed with other metals. Gold is also a good conductor of electricity. Due to these reasons, it can prove useful in various fields ranging from jewelry, electronics, computers, medicine and even in the field of space travel.

      Gold has extremely low emissivity and it is able to absorb solar radiation wavelengths.

      As space vehicles have to deal with wavelength of peak solar radiation, gold plays a very useful role in making space vehicles. The space vehicles have to be coated with something in order to control their surface temperature when exposed to the solar radiation. Among the best reflector materials are gold, copper and silver. Furthermore, space vehicles have to be made with materials which are highly dependable and reliable because there is no possibility of lubrication and repair for the vehicles which are on a space travel. Gold is a good option in this case.

      Gold is used in a wide variety of ways in space crafts. It would not be incorrect to say that without gold, man may not have been able to visit the moon. Many parts of a spacecraft are fitted with gold coated film which reflects infrared radiations. This film helps in controlling the temperature inside the craft. Gold is also used in circuits within the vehicle since it is a good conductor of electricity. It is also used as a lubricant between various parts. Any other lubricant would not be able to withstand the radiation and would volatilize. Since gold is very malleable, it is possible to create thin sheets out of it to use as lubricant between the mechanical parts of a spacecraft.

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