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      The Process Of Manufacturing Wine

      Wine,Guest Posting which is a drink we all know and love, is produced from fruits such as grapes and berries by drying and then fermenting them.  Once the fruits ferment, the sugar within the fruit will turn into alcohol.  The wine will display a different color, taste, and aroma depending on the type of fruit that it was made from.

      Wine is divided into three main categories – fortified, sparkling, and table.  Wine is known as fortified when a bit of brandy is added into it to enrich the alcohol.  Wine is deemed as sparkling when it has the right level of C02.  Table wine, the third category, is wine in it’s natural form – which is different from any other type of wine.

      Normally, grapes are the preferred ingredients for making wine.  They contain an equal amount of acid and sugar, which can’t be found in any other type of fruit.  When drying the grapes, a high amount of heat is needed.  To use grapes with wine though, you need to know the exact harvest season.  If you don’t pick the grapes during the right time, your wine will suffer due to the level of increases in sugar and a lack of acidic extent.

      During the beginning stages of wine making, the grapes or other fruit is crushed by a large cylindrical container that will deflate the juicy parts of the fruit into large bags that are attached to the machine.  Next, the juicy part of the fruit is fermented through the use of heat.  During this part of the process, present yeast will help to convert the sugar into alcohol.  Once the sugars start to break down into alcohol, the wine will get a buttery flavor.

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