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      Write Better Blog Posts

      I was reading a blog post the other day that had a wealth of really, really, REALLY (did I say, “really”?! LOL) great information – many tips and tricks that I plan on implementing over time. However, there was just too much there that it actually ‘wore me out’ just reading it – “Oh cool, I need to do that” “Oh yeah that too” “oh that’s good, I need to do that”…

      This brought me back to my “corporate America” days (glad they’re over..:) ) when I attended various seminars and conferences throughout my career. We had the ones where we would spend ALL day (or days) going in-depth into a subject They were exhausting!

      Yes, they were beneficial (and necessary especially when you’re dealing with things like regulatory changes) but guess what happened? When we got back to the office, we had other competing priorities so the material got put on the shelf to “dig into” at a later time. Just like I plan on implementing what I learned from that blog post I was reading.

      On the other hand, I also attended seminars/conferences that consisted of mini break-out sessions where we learned little “nuggets” on various subjects that we could easily implement immediately upon returning to the office.

      This got me thinking about blog posts. Blog posts should be written like the second example. Mini “break-out” sessions. Time is critical so it’s important to keep your posts short and simple. Little “nuggets” that can be easily and quickly implemented for immediate results.

      If your subject needs to be more in-depth, then break it down into a series, instead, in bite size chunks. “Long winded” posts tend to get boring and people just don’t have enough time, no matter how well you write. So keep it short and simple so your readers can easily digest and apply what they learn immediately. They will thank you for it.

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